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Spendy week, baby update

December 21st, 2008 at 01:58 pm

I've finished up the Christmas shopping. I tried to stay on track, but did spend 51.47 more than anticipated. My budget was $180(4 people at $25, 1 at $5 and DH at $75) Ended up going over for hubby, under for others, and bought gift for DH's brother who will be visiting up from the 26th til Jan. 3rd. He wasn't in the original equation, so I'm still pretty happy with how I did. Cash for everything. No scary credit card bills come January!

And that's the end of the good news. Got together with a college friend for dinner and spent $25. She's a smart girl, but trying to watch her figure out her portion and calculate a tip is PAINFUL! We took up this poor girl's table for 2 1/2 hours. Our check is 32. I am not leaving less than 40. Just give me the darn check,I'll tell you how much to give me!! Also spent last Saturday out with DH and got Chinese-$20. And Wendy's(I cracked) for $15. $60 spent eating out, and $38.66 on groceries. We ate out almost 2 weeks of groceries!

We also had our '1st Trimester Risk Assessment' this week (13 weeks). Ultrasound looks good. Baby was moving around like crazy, at one point did a half-way backward somersault. Like he was on his back, walking up a wall and flipping over. Cute! Blood work was good, except for "PAPP-A" level. More follow up tests because of this low result. (When abnormal, it can indicate risk for late fetal loss, or stillborn). DH is not worried about it at all. I'm trying not to. It's probably just that we have access to too much information and gives us more to worry about. Then Wednesday, I had appt with OB. First time meeting the doctor. DH wasn't able to come because of his work schedule. I've heard great things about this doctor, but this appt wasn't too great. He told me I was "packing on the pounds". I cried all the way home, like dry-heaving, crying so hard. Hubby must've thought I was nuts when I came home! Oh well, I knew those carbs that were so great for nausea would catch up to me.

Well, tonight I'm sending an email to my boss requesting some time to sit down and discuss my annual review. (She's leaving for 2 1/2 weeks on Wednesday). So keep your fingers crossed that I get a raise!

5 Responses to “Spendy week, baby update”

  1. lizajane Says:

    Wow, I hope the doc's "bedside manner" improves. Telling a very hormonal pregnant woman she is packing on the pounds sounds like a VERY dangerous thing to do! I don't blame you for being upset.

  2. Lady T Says:

    I agree with lizajane, that was an AWFUL thing for the dr. to say!! I gained 50 lbs. each time I was pregnant (different docs each time, neither had a problem w/my weight gain) and gave birth to two very healthy children and really had no problem losing the weight afterwards, with the exception of "that last 10 pounds" that every woman seems to have, no matter how much weight she gains! Please don't stress over the weight. Smile

  3. swimgirl Says:

    Hmm... a male doctor who's never actually been pregnant, huh?

    Here's my theory... we don't really have tons of control over how our bodies react to pregnancy. Yes, if you are eating lots of junk, you will gain more weight. But I had four babies... and the most I ever gained was 15 pounds... and the baby weighed 10! I felt like I ate all the time, but I just didn't gain. Guess what?! The most my mom ever gained was 15 pounds, too. I think genetics has a lot to do with it.

    If you don't feel comfortable with the doctor, keep looking! One great way to find a good doctor is to go to the labor and delivery where you will go... and ask the nurses for a recommendation. Just tell them you've not had luck finding a great doctor and ask what they think. They work with all the doctors, and they should know who treats women well (my first OB didn't!), who is for/against pain meds, and who is patient and does their own deliveries, rather than referring to the doc on call in their practice.

    I have a friend who is an L&D nurse... people do this all the time.

  4. M E 2 Says:

    My mom gained 50-ish pounds when pregnant with me, but, luckily for her, after having me, she lost 70-ish pounds. Smile

  5. monkeymama Says:

    Too much info, for sure!!! Don't fret (easier said than done). I don't know anyone who has had a bad test result that has turned out to be anything!

    I went through my own drama with that. Found a spot on an ultrasound or something and it was nothing. But they had to sound all the alarm bells, freak us out, demand an amnio many times over, before the specialist just walked in, did a 5 minute ultrasound, and said it was the healthiest baby he had ever seen. That was that! Before that they were talking about 0% survival rate, termination, and REALLY pressuring mew to do an amnio immediately, which increases risk of miscarriage. I think their intention was to prepare me, after I made my feelings clear, in case the ultrasound did not go well. But you know, I think they would be better to do one thing at a time. Trying to prepare for the worst. But then it seems like everyone I knew went through something similar. You would think they would tone it down a bit if 90% of the time it was nothing. Yeesh! For me it was 24 hours from start to finish and I cried the whole time pretty much.

    The weight was just bad. I lost weight first trimester because of morning sickness and the docs nagged me. I gained 50 pounds with both and they nagged me I gained too much weight at the end. With both babies the weight was all gone within a month or 2. I did gain a lot of weight but none in my face or anything. IT was ALL in the belly. & precisely why it evaporated after the births.

    I know too many pregnant women who were dieting and obsessed with weight to think it is ever wise for a doctor to say that, unless you are seriously tipping the scales, or have real issues. BAd doctor!

    I regret not getting a new doctor with my first child. BUT you know, a lot of the same with my second doctor who I LOVED. They obsess over every little thing - and they do have to cover their own butts too.

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