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New Year's Eve ideas?

December 31st, 2008 at 06:13 am

Well, the holidays are almost behind us. And we've survivied, without too much drama. Except for Christmas Eve.

I did not want to go to Evil Brother's for dinner, since he had stomach bug for 2 days. The same bug Mom had that led her to ER. You'd think she'd be sympathetic to my situation, however I got the "I guess spending time with your family on Christmas Eve isn't important to you" guilt trip. ???? I shot right back with "no, being sick for a week and ending up in the ER like YOU did isn't important to me". Why is she like that?? What can I say? Our Christmas Tacos that I made for the 2 of us were delish-Feliz Navidad! I'm trying hard to stand up for myself and do what's right for me/us, rather than appease her. I hate being the 'good daughter'.

PS...My Dad got the same bug Christmas night. So glad I stayed strong and didn't go.

But that's over with. Now DH's 16 year old brother is visiting for the week from Midwest. Besides sleeping and XBox 360 for HOURS, what do they like to do? He's at that age where it's not cool to get excited over anything. He always looks bored. I don't want to break the bank trying to entertain him if he truly is happy eating Tostitos and playing Call of Duty all week. But I'm getting stir crazy just watching it! DH's getting bored too I think, and he likes his video games as much as every other guy.

I'm thinking of maybe going bowling tonight, but I know that can get pricey. There's also a First Night going on close by for $5 a person, but that event is getting smaller every year. We usually just watch some movies, pop open the sparkling cider and watch the ball drop. But I feel we should do something fun. Any ideas?

Now it's started snowing. If it gets too bad, maybe we'll have Pizza Night. I have all the fixins to make the dough(love my bread machine) and all the different toppings they can choose from. Cheaper than bowling too.

He got a job!

December 24th, 2008 at 06:21 am

My brother(good brother) who has been out of work and lost the house, had an interview on Friday. He called me at work to tell me that he got it! He is now a "structural engineer". Pay is OK, but it's a great start. He'll get benefits, a steady paycheck and his dignity back. It couldn't have come at a better time...he was really getting down. He won't start until mid to late January. I'm so happy for him and his little family! What a great Christmas present!

Spendy week, baby update

December 21st, 2008 at 01:58 pm

I've finished up the Christmas shopping. I tried to stay on track, but did spend 51.47 more than anticipated. My budget was $180(4 people at $25, 1 at $5 and DH at $75) Ended up going over for hubby, under for others, and bought gift for DH's brother who will be visiting up from the 26th til Jan. 3rd. He wasn't in the original equation, so I'm still pretty happy with how I did. Cash for everything. No scary credit card bills come January!

And that's the end of the good news. Got together with a college friend for dinner and spent $25. She's a smart girl, but trying to watch her figure out her portion and calculate a tip is PAINFUL! We took up this poor girl's table for 2 1/2 hours. Our check is 32. I am not leaving less than 40. Just give me the darn check,I'll tell you how much to give me!! Also spent last Saturday out with DH and got Chinese-$20. And Wendy's(I cracked) for $15. $60 spent eating out, and $38.66 on groceries. We ate out almost 2 weeks of groceries!

We also had our '1st Trimester Risk Assessment' this week (13 weeks). Ultrasound looks good. Baby was moving around like crazy, at one point did a half-way backward somersault. Like he was on his back, walking up a wall and flipping over. Cute! Blood work was good, except for "PAPP-A" level. More follow up tests because of this low result. (When abnormal, it can indicate risk for late fetal loss, or stillborn). DH is not worried about it at all. I'm trying not to. It's probably just that we have access to too much information and gives us more to worry about. Then Wednesday, I had appt with OB. First time meeting the doctor. DH wasn't able to come because of his work schedule. I've heard great things about this doctor, but this appt wasn't too great. He told me I was "packing on the pounds". I cried all the way home, like dry-heaving, crying so hard. Hubby must've thought I was nuts when I came home! Oh well, I knew those carbs that were so great for nausea would catch up to me.

Well, tonight I'm sending an email to my boss requesting some time to sit down and discuss my annual review. (She's leaving for 2 1/2 weeks on Wednesday). So keep your fingers crossed that I get a raise!

Hubby's $70 Laundry Habit

December 12th, 2008 at 09:22 am

I've been working so many hours this week, 4 doubles, plus work training during the day on Sat, and waitressing Saturday night. Can't wait til Sunday, my day off!

DH has been great this week with stuff around the house, dishes, cleaning, etc. He's doing laundry today. I usually budget $20 for this. But sometimes the laundromat can be an expensive outing for him. First, obviously, the laundry itself. Then, his buddies own a floral shop next door. So while he's waiting, he goes visiting. He's come home quite a few times with flowers, and they're just beautiful. I 'assumed' that he was getting the "friend/these were extra" discount. But the other day, he was fixing the ones (he got them before thanksgiving) on our coffee table, and taking out the bad ones. He mentioned something about the cost...it turns out that he spent $50 on them!! You know what we could do with that money? But I know he feels like he's doing something nice for me. I feel like a jerk complaining that my hubby buys me too many flowers! But $50! Please don't make me do laundry on my one day off!
(He wouldn't even let me, he doesn't like the way I fold) :-)

I jinxed myself

December 5th, 2008 at 09:21 am

By saying "yay, the savings are coming along nicely". Well, the Family Drama God had other plans for my money. To make a long, dysfunctional story as short as possible, my good brother(let's call him GB), his wife and 2 yr old son lost their home in November. Wife is doing temp work, GB had a business, kind of going under, trying to get something new. He had wanted to stay (short term) with my parents. My parents home has 4 bedrooms, and just the 2 of them-along with 3 cats. Mom and Dad said 'no, sorry the house isn't babyproofed, blah blah blah'. ????? Your son, DIL and grandson will be homeless.

Then my Evil Brother(EB) can to the 'rescue'. He travels alot for work, and his house is empty. His house=Late Grandma's House. He's 40 yo, lives rent free, doesn't have a license, Mommy and Daddy still cart him around when he's home, buys him groceries. Etc. Totally enable him. He's also an alchoholic and/or drug addict.(He says he's clean, but I doubt that) He's Evil because he's done everything in his power to screw everyone in his path all his life-but it's never his fault. He's gay, he's adopted, he was there when my sister died...it's his mantra. No personal responsibility.

So, he was letting the crew stay in his apt until he got off the road. Well, SURPIRSE! He's coming home Monday and wants them out. My sister and I are helping them out to get a furnished cottage nearby, for short term, since parents are still not helpful. Buh-bye savings. He said he'll pay us back when he gets something, but I know how that goes. I may as well consider it a gift, and be happy if I ever see it back.

I just don't understand how my parents can't help them out. This son that they'll do everything for has caused them nothing but heartache. Never graduated HS, DUIs, rehab, rehab, rehab, fired or quit from every job he's had, stolen from employers. And GB loves his family, paid for his own education, had his own business, has always worked except for this time period. And my dad says he'll "never amount to anything."


My hospital shifts keep coming. Picked up 3 more for December yesterday, so I'll replenish the funds in no time. At least we have a roof over our head, and food in our fridge.

The secret's out...sort of

December 3rd, 2008 at 02:56 pm

Thanksgiving went well, as far as dinner, family and us making our announcement. DH and I gathered everyone, with J's(DS) help, to take a picture before dinner. We were all around the end of the dinner table. It was the 2 of us, brother, SIL, nephew(2 yr old), Mom, Dad and 96 year old Grandma. J takes picture-normal-everyone says 'cheese', then says "oh, someone blinked". I slipped the framed US picture out from under my chair cushion so I'm holding that during next picture. Everyone else says 'cheese'-we say 'we're having a baby!'. The next pictures are priceless. First, my brother is looking over at the picture I'm holding like "WHAT???". Next picture, Mom and Dad catch on--"are you serious, are you serious?". Next picture Grandma's looking over, only because everyone else is--poor things pretty deaf! Then the hugs started, even my dad got teary eyed, and more pictures after that with the proud 'grandparents'.

Then we had dinner. :-)

Still not telling work people at any of the jobs until Boss #1 knows.

I'm happy that the savings is growing pretty quickly. 32% of the way there. All these extra shifts at the hospital are really helping. (I'm actually working tonight-got called in) I didn't really mind coming in, 1st for the money, 2nd for the 'Christmas Dinner' that the hospital is providing for us tonight. It's a lovely catered affair. I've heard there's beef, pork, chicken, salads, pastries. Haven't gone yet, but should be good. The caterer is actually the guy that was the chef at the inn for our wedding reception.

Will post some money/budget related stuff later, just wanted to let everyone know how the grand unveiling went.