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New Year's Eve ideas?

December 31st, 2008 at 06:13 am

Well, the holidays are almost behind us. And we've survivied, without too much drama. Except for Christmas Eve.

I did not want to go to Evil Brother's for dinner, since he had stomach bug for 2 days. The same bug Mom had that led her to ER. You'd think she'd be sympathetic to my situation, however I got the "I guess spending time with your family on Christmas Eve isn't important to you" guilt trip. ???? I shot right back with "no, being sick for a week and ending up in the ER like YOU did isn't important to me". Why is she like that?? What can I say? Our Christmas Tacos that I made for the 2 of us were delish-Feliz Navidad! I'm trying hard to stand up for myself and do what's right for me/us, rather than appease her. I hate being the 'good daughter'.

PS...My Dad got the same bug Christmas night. So glad I stayed strong and didn't go.

But that's over with. Now DH's 16 year old brother is visiting for the week from Midwest. Besides sleeping and XBox 360 for HOURS, what do they like to do? He's at that age where it's not cool to get excited over anything. He always looks bored. I don't want to break the bank trying to entertain him if he truly is happy eating Tostitos and playing Call of Duty all week. But I'm getting stir crazy just watching it! DH's getting bored too I think, and he likes his video games as much as every other guy.

I'm thinking of maybe going bowling tonight, but I know that can get pricey. There's also a First Night going on close by for $5 a person, but that event is getting smaller every year. We usually just watch some movies, pop open the sparkling cider and watch the ball drop. But I feel we should do something fun. Any ideas?

Now it's started snowing. If it gets too bad, maybe we'll have Pizza Night. I have all the fixins to make the dough(love my bread machine) and all the different toppings they can choose from. Cheaper than bowling too.

1 Responses to “New Year's Eve ideas?”

  1. fern Says:

    Don't worry, my sister's 50 and she always looks bored, too.

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