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Cat update...to be continued.

March 27th, 2009 at 09:14 am

Took cat to vet today about that thing under his tongue. Well, vet couldn't really see it too well, but did see that he needs his teeth cleaned-they were bleeding in the back. So he has to go back next Thursday, get put under for the cleaning, and then they can assess the tongue growth. Vet also didn't like the way his fur looked, he's lost a pound since last visit, and his thyroid felt enlarged. My sister has/had the other 2 cats from this litter. The girl cat has thyroid problems also, fur falls out, doesn't eat well, and just looks sickly. The boy cat was a big healthy looking thing, who had to be put down the day after Christmas. Congestive heart failure, and blood clots. One day he was fine, the next day he was gone. This visit for our cat was $105, quote for next week is $236, but who knows what it will end up at once they see that growth. Now we also need to get our girl cat in for her checkup too, and check out her thyroid, etc. Crappy cat genetics I guess.

1 Responses to “Cat update...to be continued.”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Wow, sorry to hear they all appear to have problems. It happens sometimes in a litter. Frown

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