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Don't think we'll reach our goal

June 5th, 2009 at 08:07 am

We now have less than 3 weeks until my due date. And we're $1456 shy of our goal. The only thing that has put a crimp in our savings, is that I finally told my other jobs that I'm all done until after baby comes. It was just getting to be too much. Still pulling my regular 40 hour job too. We still have a little time and DH is working as much as he can also. I still think we'll be ok-I won't need much gas money if I'm not commuting to work everyday, etc.

I've also been spending some money(mostly from my HSA) for Chiropractor appt, accupuncture, massage, etc. All the 'alternative' therapies that may help turn this breech baby. Trying to avoid a c section-I know, I know, it's not bad, blah blah blah. But it's something I would like to avoid. Baby is really wedged in there, so I also don't think s/he'll turn at the last minute either.

But either way, we'll have our little bundle of joy pretty soon! Smile

2 Responses to “Don't think we'll reach our goal”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I hope the baby turns for you! Think positive...talk to the baby about moving around, imagine the baby turning. Positive thoughts/prayers and energy can do miracles!! Believe.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Good luck!

    You are blessed to still be able to work at all. Just remember that.

    & I just wanted to say, Kudos! I have rarely come across a pregnant woman who has saved a dime for maternity leave. Literally and truly. You might not have made it all the way to your goal, but congrats on making it so far!!

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