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Need Help Deciding Between 2 Jobs!!

August 31st, 2009 at 03:06 pm

Life has been busy! Baby M is now 10 weeks old, and I've been back to work for a couple weeks now. And I am now looking at other options.

I need an unbiased opinion, and comparasion on these 2 jobs. For you tax whizzes out there, what would my take home look like?

Job A(current position):

-Been there for 8 yrs
-Currently being made to use vacation time for pumping(Nursing my son). Used to get 4 weeks a year, now down to 68 hours.
-$28.75 an hour
-40 hours per week, day shift, no weekends, no holidays
-Insurance(medical for 3 and dental for me only) for family is $187 a week, plus I'm contributing $70 a week to HSA. We have $4000 deductible.

Job B--At hospital where I work perdiem

-also been there for 8 years
-Position is 24 hour 2nd shift. Manager says I could pick up additional shifts often. (But I know nothing is guaranteed)
-Get a 15 minute break--so I could pump
-$31.93 an hour base pay, plus $2.50 an hour shift differential
-Not sure what vacation accrual is like
-Insurance would be $127 a week for medical, dental and vision for all. Plus, its a plan that is more widely accepted.
-Would occasionally have to work weekends and holidays

The commute is the same

Financially, could we survive on me working just 3 shifts a week? With the better (and cheaper) insurance, would that even things out with my take home? I don't want to even bring DHs salary into the equation, so that's not an option.

5 Responses to “Need Help Deciding Between 2 Jobs!!”

  1. Janie Out of Debt Says:

    Good luck with this decision. Those types of decisions can be tough.

    Best wishes,


  2. whitestripe Says:

    one thing to consider is, with the second job (sorry i haven't worked out the figures or anything) are they more flexible? and it seems you are working less hours for more money - even if you did earn a LITTLE less overall, is it worth it to work less?

  3. Jerry Says:

    I like the second job, and not only because of the cheaper insurance. If they support allowing you to pump during your break that is far better than the other place, and a better wage helps the hospital take the lead in that regard, too. Good luck!

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